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Kate Alsterlund

Kate Alsterlund, aka B-girl Lynx, brings to the CM her understanding of new dance creation through her b-girl lens. She values community as a creative force and complete commitment to form and intuition. She began breaking in 1998 and continues to this day with her current b-girl crew of 11 years: Legendary Crew.

Graduating with a BFA with Distinction in Contemporary Dance from Concordia University, she has worked for the Bboyizm dance company and has presented her own choreographic work at Festivals in Los Angeles, Toronto and Montreal. Lynx has trained intensively in Breaking and Street Dance Styles with local and international master teachers from 1999 until the present day.

A dance teacher since 2002, Lynx teaches students of all ages, including UQAM dance students, youth at risk and children with disabilities, in Montreal and throughout Canada. She has also won 18 major competitions in North America and is often invited to judge competitions and to speak at symposiums in Montreal, across Canada and the U.S.A.

Lynx is a renowned Canadian B-girl and has been honoured with multiple awards from the Canadian and Montreal community, 'In recognition of her ongoing dedication and contributions to the Hip Hop Community'.

Find her on Instagram, YouTube and FB as: Agent Lynx


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