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25 movement artists speaking online about Online - the challenges in 2020

Experiences, questions, discoveries, about online artistry, process and personal evolving aesthetics. This collection of video, audio and text was recorded between November and December 2020.

Note: videos recorded on Zoom in 2020; sound quality may be poor. 

These artists came forward as the initial catalysts:


Andrea Nann

Adèle Ross

Andrew Tay

Bengt Jorgen

Ben Cox

Christina Litt Belch

Denise Fujiwara

Carmen Romero

Gerry Trentham

Heidi Strauss

Ian Garrett

Jessie Fraser

Kurumi Yoshimoto 

Karen Kaeja

Mafa Makhubalo

Malgorzata Nowacka

Maxine Heppner 

Marie Josée Chartier

Michael Caldwell

Naishi Wang

Pulga Muchochoma

Peter Jenkins

Sashar Zarif

Victoria Mata Soledad

Yvonne Ng Peck Wan

Jessie Fraser

Jessie Fraser pic_edited.jpg

Co-instigator of onONline for Across Oceans Arts

Maxine Heppner

Maxine Heppner -  Choreographer.jpg

instigator of onONline. A.D. of Across Oceans Arts

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