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  • For ALL Forms and Genres of dance and movement performance in New Creation

  • All established and emerging movement-based artists may apply

  • PROPOSE by March 30 for 2024 program • program main intensive May 18, 19, 20 & 4 months creative support

  • "Hybrid" program in-studio / online hybrid > participate from where you are in Canada and World-wide

Proposal is for deep research into process and principles, using work-in-development, in an intentional community of creators & facilitators dedicated to rigorous investigation of creation from balanced intuitive-learned-inherited sources.. Movement material must already exist so that the marathon is about development, not the earliest searching. It can be dance/movement material that has not formulated into a concept. Or a concept that has not formulated into organized material. Or a work-in- progress that the choreographer or group wants to move forward. Or a past work to be torn apart and turned into something new. Lead Creator please send a sample of this material and of past creations with proposal. If proposed piece is still in concept stage then a description of the concept and process with video of past works is OK.

Below are guidelines. This is a Platform for Creativity.  If you feel your work will benefit from this program but doesn't seem to quite fit, please, do send your idea and tell us how you will work in this ultra-intensive time. Same if there is a logistical challenge e.g short a dancer or if you have a group work but no group to go with it.  Other ideas... All Forms are Relevant and Welcome. Propose now


 Due to long hours, minimum three artists in a group is recommended.

  • Ensemble/Group: 1 choreographer/creator and 2 dancers/performers, and up to 10 dancers.

  • Duet: creator and 2 performers, or creator and co-performer

  • Solo: creator and performer:  2 and even 3 artists in the group is recommended. Still self-solo proposals will be considered.



  • Choreographer can dance but it is best if lead creator is on outside so can work directly with mentors.

  • A group can have 1 more dancer than the actual work requires: for example: a duet worked on by 1 choreographer and 2 dancers, or 1 choreographer and 3 dancers.

  • It is best if creator and performers have worked together before, be involved in the current idea’s development and have a clear understanding of the time commitment involved in the Marathon. 3-4 groups will be invited.

  • Do not hesitate to email with questions if you are not sure if your idea / project / approach / form fits into the criteria.

  • This is a platform for creativity!



Online and in Studio

you and your collaborators work from where you are

(CM homebase / Country: Toronto, Canada)


Dates: 2024: May 18, 19, 20 + 4 months process 

  • Prep days: advance: communication re: principles; goals 

  • Oct 18 day1:  in-studio-online develop, exchange, feedback

  • Oct 19, 20 day 2-3: instudio/online full days into night continuing creation and exchange, performance & wrap 

  • Follow-up: individual appointments process support


Participants receive:

  • 26.2+++ hours of Creation, Exchange and Mentoring with senior choreographers and senior performers and continued mentor support for 4 months

  • creation time and group exchange and support

  • studio and online rooms paid for

  • documentation of the work

  • presentation of created work

  • followup between choreographer and lead mentor

  • Presence on international websites


Participants Need:

  • Collaborators

  • Goals for artistry

  • Curiosity, Determination, Appetite for reflection 

  • Thirst for a creative community 

  • Computer or similar device


Step 1

Email Intention to apply ASAP; Full Proposal by March 30

Send your name and a short description of your ideas and who you are working with.

This is a soft deadline, meaning: if you need extra time to put together the full proposal let us know, ask questions, etc. but SOONER is better for us all. Invitations are sent out on an ongoing basis. Participation is limited.

In-studio Toronto-Online Hybrid for internationals. 


by March 30

Step 2


Send an email letter with the following information:

  • Name and bio of lead creator-choreographer

  • Names and short bios of performers-dancers

  • What work you’ve done together up to now

  • Description (about 300-500 words max) of:

    • the work to be developed in studio and/or online

    • the process and how far along in the process

    • what you are most dedicated to in your artisty

    • what you most want to work on

    • why you want to do it in the Choreographic Marathon

  • Signed statement from every participant that they agree to participate (can be an email)

  • jpeg photos (1-3)

  • With proposal send $20 for admin through donation page.



  • Email proposal (see above)

  • Pay admin online at the donations page. (see above)

  • Upload a video file showing samples of the material and past choreography.

  • Uploads YouTube, Vimeo or similar and send us the URL.

    • Note that sites often have maximum sizes for files so check how big yours’ are and cut them into smaller portions and send several if necessary.

    • Double check that it is readable on computers other than yours’. It must be compatible for both Mac and PC formats

  • Send docs and files by email to >

  • For enquiries: info (at) acrossoceans (dot) org . 


  • MARATHON COST: CADA/RQD discount, adjustments if all online

    • Solos: 1-2 artists C$350-400 

    • Duet/Ensemble: 2-3 artists (1 creator + performers) C$450 

    • Ensemble: more than 3 +$50 Each additional artists 

    • (If this sounds like a lot please consider what 30 hours of Just studio-time costs, and mentor fees would bring your expenses way up!)

    • Fee paid in full to CM on acceptance to program. Payment: Canada e-transfer, international via website

    • letter of invitation on request if needed.

All information, personel, fees subject to change.

CM is supported by

the City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council

Canada Council for the Arts and AcrossOceansAngels.

in cooperation with Pia Bouman Studios

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