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Payment of admin fee made immediately with proposal by clicking on below.

Payment of registration fees can be made by in one of two ways.


By e-transfer: send to choreomarathon (at)

By cheque: request the address in your proposal.

By credit card/paypal through a donation (best for international). See below.  


Collaboration needs participation of artists, participants, audience, and donors. 

Donations allow affordable programs, workshops, publications, professional development and production of world-class art.


Join in making the process possible by donating to research, production and community service.

Please Click On

Or email >  < to receive mailing or direct deposit instructions.

Please note: tax receipts will be through Across Oceans Arts

operating name of  “Phyzikal Theatre” charitable reg# 88627 0792 RR 0001

The Choreographic Marathon is a program of Across Oceans Arts  >

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