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Charmaine Headley

Charmaine Headley, champion of Africanist dance, is co-founding artistic director of Toronto’s COBA:Collective of Black Artists, and accomplished choreographer in Canada and internationally.

Her recent work includes choreography for the National Alliance of Musical Theatre’s virtual presentation of Obeah Opera, as well as contributing to The Collective Body Project, MOonhORsE Dance Theatre’s Engaging Seniors and William Yong’s film project for MOonhORsE’s 2021 production.

Her passion for the role of the Arts within a holistic lifestyle led her to pursue a diploma in Gerontology & Activation Coordination and an M.A. in Dance Ethnography (York University) in which she created a movement-based senior’s program for her thesis. Her program, UPLIFT N2itivly, to deepen cellular connections while improving alignment and physical awareness, draws on her Arts and lived experience to create programs for artists, students and community with the intention of healing our minds, bodies and souls, one step at a time.


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