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Lisa Weiler : sensory overload

Lisa Weiler (choreographer)

Anna Stanutz, Joy Lee (interpreters)

Lisa Weiler (choreographer) Anna Stanutz, Joy Lee (interpreters)


  • Came with a physical query (when take senses away, how does dancer dance?) and movement studies exploring the question

  • Began with making action with real sensory deprivation (e.g. blindfold)

  • Eventually inverted the theme to “sensory overload” to make more studies

  • Once she understood better what the world was, she was able to then go back to internal sources to develop more sophisticated movement material.


  • To determine essential core material

  • To choose material that you can fully commit to

  • To visualize the stage world that the dance can live in

  • To identify the movement principles in each sensation (from the theme) and make the movement material from that.


  • Understanding that the work is about what is on stage, not about the personal attachment to the ideas

  • Recognize what the physical action is conveying thematically and rename the intellectual content

  • Create dance from internal sensations

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