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2008 - who was there


Michael Caldwell with Emma Kate Millar & Jessica Wilson (Toronto)

finding the heart in the technique

Andrew Tay with Marilyne St. Sauveur & Edward Toledo (Montreal)

choreographer interpreting dancers interpreting choreographer

Lynndsey Larre with Heather Berry & Jade Sakamoto (Toronto)

renovating and reinterpreting

Miriam Walther (New York City) with Kara Nolte & Lucia Daisog (Vancouver)

keeping it simple without disappearing


Maxine Heppner with Takako Segawa and Jessica Runge.

Creation assistants

Joy Lee, Anna Ross, Yevgeniya Falkovitch, Laura Hendrickson, Janina Kowalski

Administrative associate

Jonathan Heppner

Technical support

Tohru Kawakami

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