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2017: Creators' Journeys

Overview of 2017's work sees...

... explorations in contemporary expression of personal roots in Afro-Caribbean, Body-Mind Centring, Ballet, Performance Art, and Modern Dance across 4 generations.

... inspirations and creative processes: revealing family history stored in the body, creating maps to direct spontaneous creation, extending expressive capacities beyond learned genres, moving story into poetic movement, diving deeply into personal choices, facing the “tiger”.

... key words: resilience, mobility, courage, conviction

The Choreographic Marathon 2017 included:

  • Toronto Area: creators and interpreters advancing their personal creation processes and broadening their viewpoints and networks.

  • Maritime and Ottawa based artists researching in unknown territories – creatively in their processes and geographically in Toronto.

  • AO dance dramaturgy group: developing shared methods to support creative process through discussion, documentation, dramaturgy and creative support of creation groups.

  • Specialists in “expression of personal histories” applying knowledge of somatics and theatrical expression to processes of dance creation.

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