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2012: Creators' Journeys

The overview of 2012's work sees...

....clear identification of how 3 basic motivations defined the different processes and outcomes of each group (see "Motivations for creating dance" on "working principles" page),

....fascinating considerations on artists' attachment to their material ( see "Seduction, love and infatuation" on "working principles" page).

The Choreographic Marathon 2012 had 4 groups from across Canada:

  • Simcoe Contemporary Dancers : Barrie Ontario: early pros with an experienced artistic director,

  • Toronto Dramaturgy Group: developing skills and understanding to support creative process through documentation, dramaturgy and creative support

  • 3 Quebec-based artists researching a new idea through different cultural interpretations

  • GoodWomenDanceCollective: Edmonton Alberta: mid-career artists with a shared creation history

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