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Eric Cadesky

Peter Jenkins

Eric Cadesky brings over 40 years of experience composing music for ballet and modern dance, including companies like the National Ballet of Canada, Ballet BC, Lyon Opera Ballet, Mannheim Ballet, Chimera Dance Theatre, Pro Arte Danza, Across Oceans Arts, and many of Canada's most gifted independent choreographers. For 8 years he was Composer-In-Residence for Desrosiers Dance Theatre often performing live locally and on tour with a band assembled for that show. 

Since 1989 he has also been composing music for film, television series, theatre, the concert stage and experimental projects receiving critical acclaim and a number of nominations along the way. In recent years he has been mentoring people who want to dive deeper into the music for dance connection and volunteering and building specialized instruments for the Kids Day sessions at the Collingwood Music Festival.

Eric is also Artistic Director of The Glass Orchestra, a quartet that performs in Canada and travels to other lands with over a half ton of one-of-a-kind carefully packed glass musical instruments. The ensemble has released several albums and CDs, cassettes and EPs.  Aside from composing for the ensemble, he designs and builds many of their glass instruments. The Glass Orchestra has performed in Artist Galleries, Museums and Concert Halls around the world. After 46 years they are still the only ensemble in the world performing on entirely glass instruments. They continue to concertize and expand on the ancient tradition of glass music.


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