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2019: Creator's Journeys

How do we most clearly communicate what we know? The common thread for all 2019 creation groups was Translation: from trio to solo, solo to duet, text to dance, queer to straight, studio-inspiration to performance, between different perspective/principles, and between spoken languages of English, French, Japanese, and Greek.

Key Words:

essence, evolution, challenge, delight

play, exhibit, consent

patience, single focus, naked technology

The Creator Circle:

Alexandra Winters, Sophie Dow, and Oriah Wiersma explored translating post-concussion trauma into the time and space of dance interactions. Rachel Faccini, Tavia Christina, and Brianna Clarke investigated how perceptions and mis-perceptions can be conveyed choreographically. Valerie Pitre and Claudelle Labreque literally caged their human selves in the wires of their technological existence, questioning interactions of AI, robotics and natural human behavior, and crossing language wires between French and English. Peter Kelly and Margarita Soria challenged themselves and the CM2019 community to face LGBTQ idioms of sexuality. Ayaka Miwa, Mio Sakamoto and Yui Ugai interpreted understandings of Noh and Clown into pure movement expression as well as literally translating all communications from Ayaka in Japanese, through her collaborators, to English for the group and back again.

The Mentor Circle:

4 mentors, 3 invited specialists, and 3 interning facilitators worked in studio with the creator groups to support advancing the movement work and also worked together to advance preliminary development of a CM mentor methodology aiming towards a future training approach for movement arts facilitators.


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