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2018: Creators' Journeys

Overview of 2018's work sees...

... discovering internal impulses to express loss and recovery,

... releasing privacy to gain public context,

... recognizing the power in detail


Working within "containers of expression" (in the work itself and in the creation process)

Performer-Audience Connectivities.

From perspectives of Modern, Post-modern, Bharatnatyam, Indigenous west-coast, mind-body-of-hearing-deaf dance artistry and experience.

Key Words: Stillness, Passion, Duration, Impulse,

... inspirations and creative processes: Nina MIlanovski, Victoria Gubiani and Paige Sayles were interpreting the moments between coupling and uncoupling. Amelia Jakasa removed her hearing aids to disconnect with the hearing world, to discover what dances she might do within her natural deaf sound environment. Monica Shah’s exploration was of Stillness as an expressive force for movement in Bharatnatyam, questioning when stillness is gained is dance lost? Ashley Burmaster, Dominique Tersigni, Josephine Jakubowski, Lindsay Harpham, Sarah Mclennon and Mikaela Orford, inspired by the “hedonic treadmill” concept, created dance encounters to escalate from and return to levels of stasis. Olivia C. Davies’ examined movement deeply sourced in bones, muscles and intuition to express a narrative – return of Self within Ancestral Lands.

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