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Tracey Norman : actuality of doing

Tracey Norman (choreographer)

Jesse Dell, Sky Fairchild-Waller (interpreters)

Tracey Norman (choreographer) Jesse Dell, Sky Fairchild-Waller (interpreters)


Began with a whole dance inspired by an intellectual concept: “mapping” and “cartography”

and a relational concept “how we find our way and how we get lost”

The first sections had implied meaning

Text in the middle made the relationship between the people concrete.


  • To decide, beyond the concepts, what the dance is actually about, see the whole country and find out what the narrative really is

  • To see what the action tells/convey

  • To determine what information has to be added

  • Recognizing Duration

  • To decide how long something really needs to be?


  • Embodying an intellectual concept

  • Understanding the whole world and knowing what information to make visible when

  • Say what you’re doing, do it, don’t repeat it (relates to duration).

  • Knowing when enough research has been done to start crafting.

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