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Jannine Saarinen : non-character choreography

Jannine Saarinen (choreographer)

Jennifer Hum (Jen-Yi Hum), Alex Bascynskyj (interpreters)

Janine Saarinen (choreographer) Jennifer Hum, Alex Bascynskyj (interpreters)


Came with a finished piece that was non-character-based

Goal was to continue learning about non-character–based choreography


  • To choreograph with abstract movement

  • To go right back to roots of impulse to determine action/movement

  • To find inspiration and interest in the simplicity in order to build more

  • To trust the interpreter to collaborate and help develop the root explorations

  • To persevere


  • To see details in a simple action

  • To build sophisticated action from core sensory-based movement

  • To evaluate and choose material that has potential for development

  • To develop with the interpreter a shared understanding of the process and the material

  • To know when to change directions in the process

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