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2010: Creators' Journeys

Questions, recurring ...leading to more questions...

So... dance is actually made of only bones,breath, muscles, energy and the environment in which we are living at that moment....

  • How do I go from concept to physicalizing the concept into dance?

  • What is the TIME-Frame of the dance

  • How am I perceiving the dance as I am making it?

Circular, linear, endless, stops, passes in a flash, is just a flash, 2 hours feels like forever, 1 minute feels like forever, can be subdivided

The world you’re living in has a timing in it, tempo in it. Tempo has only a certain amount of plasticity, once you set it up. The internal tempo of sections can change but still the whole work has a Time. What is the time frame of this dance?

  • Approaches: Are you working from blank space and filling it? Are you working from action and/or image and/or idea? Are you working with patches that will eventually connect together? Are you working from start to finish? from last to first? Other approach?

  • Do you have a preconception of the piece/world as it will be when the piece is “finished”.

  • What do you like about the piece (ideas- details of the action - interactions – images – smallest detail or largest stroke...)? (e.g. “all I really like is the moment when the two slide into the upstage left corner and shake”, “I like the idea that the place has walls that the audience doesn’t see”, etc etc...)

  • What advances the information for the audience? Whether you like it or not...

  • What is the energy of the place? What is the expectation of the place? What is the energy of the things in the place? Is this place all 90 degree angles? Is this place mostly curved?

  • Who are the people in the world? What is the relationship of the people in the world you create to the people who are watching from outside the world (audience).

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