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2020-10-29 Denise Fujiwara and Maxine Heppner in conversation onONline

Denise Fujiwara

"On the topic of “strategies to keep embodied even when working online”, practically speaking, for a digital dance, it’s more possible to work in an embodied way if you use a camera operator, so that the dancer is freed from concerns about framing and focus.  That is, unless it is one of the choreographic parameters to confine the choreography to the framing of the camera."

"I have been teaching online using Zoom and that work is all about embodiment and creativity."  

"My online role is to give verbal direction and to create an auditory experience to facilitate the participants having a present-time embodied movement experience."  

"It is usually easier to experience embodied movement when one is not feeling self-conscious nor overly concerned with formalistic issues in order to free oneself to be aware, present and open.  Although this work is to facilitate creativity and is often complex and specific, the session doesn't require that the movement be framed spatially within the screen and the emphasis is on specificity and creativity rather than what the form of the movement looks like."  

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