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The Choreographic Marathon
Across Oceans Arts

Ultra-Intensive Development and Creation Exchange for established and emerging Movement Artists in All forms 26.2++hrs flow, discovery, creation, challenge, rigour

and continued mentor support for 4 months

2024 "closer encounters"
May 18, 19, 20 intensive & 4 months creation support

in studio in Toronto • online for "aways"
proposals asap > by March 30

Across Oceans Arts

Deepening Expressions across All genres and All forms of Movement Arts for over 25 years.


Led from T'karonto by Maxine Heppner with Susan Lee, Junia Mason, Jessica Runge, Peter Jenkins, Gitanjali Kolonad, Suzanne Miller, Christos Giotis     (personel & info subject to change) 

CREATORS CIRCLE (most recent)

2024> to be announced

2023> Rumi Jeraj, Katie Adams-Gossage, Reece Caldwell, En Lai Mah


2022> Mio Sakamoto, Beata Rasitsan, Kristian Podlacha, Olivia Proudfoot, Tim Spronk (Canada) Mika Lilit Lior (Malta), Marit Brademann (Germany), Simone Rupp (Austria)

2021 > Kaelin Isserlin, Arin AS, Morgyn Aronyk-Schell, Keira Shaw, Emilie Jabouin, Victoria Mata Soledad, (Canada) Ono Akiko (Japan) Ava Bruna Bahina (Cameroon) Claudia Nwabasili, Roges Doglas, Tassia Lisboa de Vasconcelos (Brazil) Emmanuel Ndefo (Nigeria) Franciska Golubecka (Latvia) Harshal Vyas (Gujarat, India) Lau Beh Chin, Anna Lee Wen Huie, Wong Chi Ying (Malaysia) Nathan Hirschaut, Iman Kamel, Monica Steffey, Javon Jones (USA, Germany) Sukruti Tirupattur (Karnataka, India)

RESEARCH CIRCLE  dancing values & aesthetics > 2021-22 from seated experiences Elizabeth Winklaar, Frank Hull, Harmanie Taylor, Mark Brose, Russell Winkelaar, Shay Erlich 

Supported by AO Angels, the City of Toronto through Toronto Arts Council, the Canada Council for the Arts and in cooperation with Pia Bouman Studios

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