2019 - Creators' Journeys: translations

January 11, 2020

2019. Translation was in everything we did. To begin with, the process of movement-making is about interpreting (most often wordlessly) what collaborators are offering so that the ensemble is creating the same dance. On top of that we were operating in 5 spoken languages, with interpreters for those who spoke only their mother tongue. With both diverse spoken languages and lived cultures, comes diverse entries into how one receives a work of art. So we were honing our listening and responding skills to be understood, to understand. And the 2019 cohort demanded of themselves rare and wonderful interactions as each of the creators translated in less obvious ways.  Childhood encounters into adult expression. Mind games into sensuous movement. Literary images into non-verbal expression. Private desires into public exposure. Perceived time into clocked time and back. 


led by Maxine Heppner with mentors Susan Lee, Takako Segawa, Michael Caldwell, specialists Junia Mason, Peter Jenkins, guest Antigone Gyra, facilitators Keira Shaw, Nina Milanovski, Jessie Fraser  



Ayaka Miwa, Alexandra Winters, Brianna Clarke, Claudelle Labreque, Margarita Soria, Mio Sakamoto, Oriah Wiersman, Peter Kelly, Rachel Facchini, Sophie Dow, Tavia Christina, Valérie Pitre


> Supported by

AO Angels and the City of Toronto's Toronto Arts Council and in cooperation with Pia Bouman Studios




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